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Beryl Chatfield
4 September 2019
In the twenty-first century it seems

the world loves noise:
young people love noise,
travellers love noise,
workers love noise.
The media offer noise,
all day, all night,
at home at work,
indoors, outdoors,

But I, ……… love silence.

Sounds are not always “noise.”

I enjoy music,
but not all the time,
I love conversation,
but not all the time,
I love radio,
but not all the time,
I can sing, laugh
and shout “Alleluia!”

But I also …… need, silence.

My silence may be punctured

by distant birdsong,
rustling trees,
patter of raindrops,
but these sounds
gently accentuate
the surrounding silence,
without disturbing,
being enfolded

Within …… the deep silence.

Before the ineffable mystery of God,

praise gives way
to silence…
to trembling awe
and adoration;
we float…
in a sea of love,
rest in that peace
the world cannot give,

Which is found in silence.