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Praying with a painting — 3

Mark Argent
4 September 2019

This is one of my abstract paintings. One of the richnesses of praying with an abstract work is that it leaves more to the imagination. What do you see? Where does it draw you?

One way to pray with it is to sit in stillness, letting the eyes wander across the image taking in the shapes and colours, and then come to rest somewhere. Perhaps that is a place that you find attractive. Perhaps it is the opposite. The painting itself doesn’t matter, but in sitting with it in openness there is also an invitation to be open to God in that openness. As it is abstract there is a freedom to see what you see in it, and perhaps different things at different times.

One way to take the painting back into scripture is to sit with it for a while, and on stopping, to see what is the first piece of scripture that comes to mind and pray with that. The connection might not be the obvious, but it can be a rich and surprising invitation.