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Encountering Jesus and the woman at the well

Sandra Wellington
4 August 2018

An invitation to pray with John 4: 4–16.

  • Find a quiet place and allow yourself to become still.
  • Acknowledge anything you are worrying about.
  • Concentrate on the rhythm of your breath as a way of becoming still.
  • You may like to read the story, and then, in an attitude of prayer, ponder quietly.

Some things to explore:

  • Imagine yourself in the place of the woman — what does it feel like to encounter Jesus so intimately? How can you embrace this for yourself and for others?
  • Open yourself up to be completely known by God… what might that mean for you? Does anything hold you back?
  • Allow yourself to more fully know and love the God who knows and loves you.
  • How might you experience more of the abundant life God offers for you now and in the future? How might this affect the church and the world?